Prevention of childhood obesity is a key factor in inducing a robust response to the current epidemic. The health professional should be particularly vigilant in the early identification of overweight and obese children. But health professionals aside, there is an urgent need for public vigilance. Parents can play a very important role in preventing as well as treating obesity in their children. This will not only improve the health status of the individual but also improve the epidemic scenario as well. Parents should get to know the root cause of obesity. In general, it is seen that the rapid rise in childhood obesity has been reflected in the form of an explosion in children’s non-active leisure activities such as computer games and video games. Watching TV is one of the main reasons for lack of activity, which leads to an increase in obesity in children. A significant decrease in physical activity has been reported. Even recent trends in preparing ready meals as well as fast food increase obesity in children.

Childhood obesity is associated with several diseases likely to present in adulthood such as hypertension, sleep apnea, dyslipidemia and insulin resistance, accompanied by social stigma. So, with the increasing prevalence, it is time to awaken our conscience towards preventing this pandemic. I would like to offer a few suggestions to all of my concerned parents.

If either of you is a father or mother who suffers from obesity, remember that you should be more aware compared to others. If both parents are obese, then I think you should be conscious from pregnancy onwards.

Always remember that the number of fat cells will grow in childhood itself, but after reaching adulthood, the size of fat cells grows rather than the number.

Don’t get your child into wrong eating habits like eating chips that contain trans fats and they may put your child at a higher risk of gaining fat.


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