Parents and guardians

Do you ever ask yourself. Am I a good role model for my children?

Do I teach them valuable lessons about how to stay fit and how to lead a healthy lifestyle?

If the answer no Then start looking in the mirror. Your child is looking up to you, so if you’re not fit and healthy, your child may think they don’t have to bother either.

If the answer Yes You undoubtedly take care of yourself and want to pass this on to your children so that they can live the healthy lives that you do and that they deserve.

Don’t be between the parents. By this I mean don’t teach your kids how to be fit and healthy but sit on the couch all day by yourself stuffing your face with potato chips. This can be confusing for the child and give them a sense of choice,”Yes I can fit but yeah I can just grow up to be like mom and dad eating garbage cause they look okay.

What your kids don’t see are your clogged insides and health issues scurrying left, right and center. They do not see that their lives may be at risk if they do not keep themselves fit and healthy. So, be Yes Be a parent and take these next few steps to get your family in proper shape.

1) If you, the parent, are not in the best shape, start educating yourself in the basics. Start exercising a few times a week and start swapping out some of the junk food in your cupboard for healthy alternatives.

2) Teach your kids while you educate yourself, so why not learn the basics together as a family and maybe even make games to make it more fun.

3) Stop taking it easy when feeding your kids, it’s always easy to throw them some chips and a little pizza, but you say you want them to grow into healthy adults, right? Make more home-cooked meals and give your kids a variety of foods so that they don’t just have a taste for chicken dippers and turkey dinosaurs.

4) It’s hard these days to pull the little ones away from the game console but who’s really to blame? I mean you already bought it…

Start by letting your child sit for a long time at the console and get him to do some physical activity. This could be sending them out with friends to play or getting them involved in a local sport.

5) Finally, make the change together. There is nothing stronger than the family bond, go out for walks and hit the local playground and stay fit and healthy together.

So what are you waiting for? There are no excuses for not leading a healthy lifestyle for you or your kids, so start in the kitchen, take out the trash then take the trainers and get out there with the kids and make sure they grow into healthy young adults.


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