Kids these days need to be educated about basic health requirements as soon as possible, if they are going to be competitive in the open market. They need to be instructed on the basic hygiene and basic nutrition requirements needed for a healthy life.

Simple things like how to brush teeth, how often and what are the minimum requirements to ensure healthy teeth. These small requirements are necessary to give your child the best chances to move forward in life.

Any child who learns from the parents as long as they live together will be affected by the family’s daily feeding regimen, including hygiene and daily duties such as washing and general hygiene. These habits take root in the child’s mind very quickly.

With chronic diseases like diabetes and cancer the fastest growing diseases in America. Every parent should consider it a duty to ensure that children in the home are properly educated about the minimum requirements for optimal health.

Since we teach children growing up not to throw rubbish on the floor, we must always be on the alert to ensure their continued health / If a child can see a parent exercising regularly, the chances of him continuing this kind of habit when he lives alone are much better than if he was never exposed to exercise or sport of any kind.

The most important is the daily nutrition. If a child grows up and eats a burger and fries every other day, the chances of being overweight increase dramatically. We are what we eat and our bodies have not yet adapted to the huge amount of processed foods we eat.

This awareness alone can change your child’s chances of developing stronger resistance to the diseases that ravage more than 30% of Americans. By choosing unprocessed foods such as organically grown goods, you will instantly improve your child’s immune system and its ability to resist the suspense attack of processed foods.

The point is that as a child grows up in a feeding-aware home, they will adopt these habits when they leave home and increase their chances of survival. Our survival in the world of fast food, highly processed foods, and nutritionally depleted foods is now directly linked to the increasing incidence of diabetes and cancer worldwide.

When running a home, it’s the simple things in life that will make a difference. For example, having a bowl of fruit available for children to help themselves whenever they like could be the difference ensuring they get all the balanced nutrients for optimal health.

70% of obese people grew up with improper daily nutrition. Dietitians and nutritionists tell great stories of a big fat guy who was malnourished because his diet lacked certain minimum requirements.

At the risk of repeating simple things, we can make a difference in the inner fortitude of our children by simply encouraging them to drink 8 glasses of water a day. The earlier these minimum requirements are any child’s way of life, the more competitive they will be in this highly competitive world.


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