The Proform Weight Loss 620 Treadmill is probably one of the best treadmills that Proform has designed. Before I talk about the Proform xp weight Loss 620 treadmill, I will write briefly about the company, Proform. Proform treadmills are manufactured by the world’s largest manufacturer and marketer of exercise and fitness equipment, Icon Health and Fitness. Icon is the most popular company that sells treadmills today.

First, the basics: The motor for the Proform Weight Loss 620 treadmill is a 1.75 CHP QuietTech motor. The walking harness is fine – a full 20″ x 55″. Any good walking belt should ideally be at least 18 inches wide, so a walking belt for this model will definitely make your treadmill experience more comfortable. This model’s speed is 10 mph (miles per hour) and it has a good incline – up to 10%. The maximum weight for this treadmill is 300 lbs. Another feature of the Proform Weight Loss treadmill can easily include it. Some space when you’re not doing any exercises.

The Proform Weight Loss 620 Treadmill has a few extras that you will really enjoy. I know extras are just extras, but these bells and whistles make your treadmill experience that much more enjoyable. We all know that if we don’t go on the treadmill and work out, the treadmill (even if it’s really expensive) isn’t worth a nickel. They just take up space and make us feel bad every time we look at them: So, here are the additional features of the Proform Weight Loss 620 treadmill that we hope will make your workout more enjoyable … that you can actually use it every day.

The treadmill comes with 8 iFIT exercise programs that can give you different speeds so you can choose what works best for you at the time. These exercise programs are produced by Proform Certified Professionals. The treadmill comes with a custom weight loss center tailored to your specific needs. You list your current weight, the number of calories you want to burn, and the time of your expected exercise session. Based on your individual information you just entered, the device will customize a program for you.

To ensure maximum comfort, the Proform Weight Loss 620 Treadmill is equipped with AirTech cushioning. And to enhance your enjoyment even more, the Interplay Universal Treadmill offers an iPod Dock, which can play the music of your choice. It also features Graffix, where you can see an animated person walking beside you. Oh, and all the stats are displayed crisp and clear on the ClearView screen.

So, if you are looking to lose weight and need to do some exercise and get your muscles moving, this Proform Weight Loss 620 treadmill is for you. It’s excellent for a pocketbook, too, since this model is very affordable as far as a treadmill goes. If you’re a serious runner, I’d suggest getting a treadmill with more horsepower and one that’s generally stronger. This powerful treadmill would cost a lot more, of course. But, for the rest of us, this Proform Weight Loss 620 Treadmill fits the bill perfectly.

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