There is a big difference between being healthy and gaining weight, right? Unfortunately, most people tend to ignore this difference when it comes to their daily eating habits. The result is that before you know it, you’ve tipped the scales on the wrong side. Also, the worst part is that you may gain weight easily but losing it is a very daunting task. Once you add mass to the body, it certainly affects your cosmetic appearance, right? However, weight gain is more than just a cosmetic problem. You also end up experiencing a variety of health risks due to being overweight.

Here is a brief overview of the five main drawbacks of being overweight

Coronary artery problems: The heart is designed to pump blood throughout the body. But as you gain weight, the extra fat ends up getting deposited in your arteries. Over a period of time, these deposits tend to harden, thus cutting off the regular supply of blood in the arteries. As a result, your heart has to work overtime which makes it vulnerable to many coronary disorders.

Diabetes: Obesity also affects the body’s ability to use insulin properly. In simple terms, people who are overweight are likely to have higher levels of glucose in the body. This makes them diabetics. With the progression of time, diabetes also affects other organs of the body, which leads to the deterioration of the patient’s condition.

Infertility: For women, the tendency to become obese also affects their fertility. After all, excess body weight tends to upset the hormonal balance as well as the menstrual cycle. There have also been many studies that have proven this fact.

High blood pressure: If you think adding a few pounds each year isn’t that bad for the body, you’re sorely mistaken. Over the years, when those pounds pile on they make you obese. Because of this obesity, your heart is forced to pump blood faster. Under this situation, you are more likely to fall prey to hypertensive disease.

Sleep apnea: Obese people often find it difficult to breathe normally while they sleep. This is a typical condition that arises from excessive accumulation of fat around the neck which narrows the airway. In extreme cases, the inability to breathe can suffocate the patient, leading to his death.

The simplest solution to avoid these problems is to eat wisely, live healthy and exercise regularly!

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