Shoes made specifically for weight loss are available today and can be very effective. These shoes have been out for a while now, and some companies have risen to the top and proven they can provide a quality product to consumers. One such type of shoe is the MBT shoe which is made by a company called Swiss Masai. In case it is not MBT it stands for Masai Barefoot Technology. In this article we want to take a closer look at these particular shoes.

The evolution and idea behind the design of the MBT shoe is very interesting. What the shoe is trying to do is shape the shape of the shoe so that it mimics walking on sand. Specifically, they want to try to make it as if you were walking along the natural sandy environment of the Masai in Kenya. Athletic trainers have long known that working out on dry sand is a great way to get your cardiovascular system in excellent shape. When you walk on sand, it creates an uneven surface on your feet and forces you to shift your center of gravity into an unnatural position. Your body compensates for this by using so many different muscle groups in your feet, calves, thighs, and torso that you can’t wear typical shoes. These are the ideas behind MBT weight loss shoes and they seem to work for some people.

More specifically, MBTs make many positive claims and benefits from wearing their shoes. They will take muscle groups that are not normally used in walking and make them active. The shoe gives you better posture and a more efficient gait when walking with or without the shoe. It can help you with problems you may have in your back, hips, legs, and feet. Shoes can help you recover from tendon, joint, ligament, or muscle injuries. The shoe is also designed to relieve tension and pressure on the lower joints.

Another special claim of MBT is that if you run 1 mile in these weight loss shoes, it will be the same as if you walk 2 miles in normal shoes, and you will burn equivalent calories. One thing is for sure, users find that after the first few times they walk in the shoes, their calf and thigh muscles ache. Also, while I just started using the shoes, they will feel uncomfortable but that feeling goes away after twenty minutes or so. Once they get used to the feel of the shoes, users find they can walk with ease and comfort. The shape of the sole is designed to make you walk with your back straight and your stomach flat, shortening your entire stride and accelerating. These are the main effects MBT shoe owners experience.

Overall, MBT shoe owners really liked the results. It is typical that if you walk three or four miles at a time a few times a week, you will experience some weight loss. Some people use them for daily use and find that this helps keep their legs looking beautiful. These are just walking shoes that you don’t really want to use for running. It is recommended to go to the store and try them on, as you want to make sure the heel is snug and fits properly. If the shoe fits properly, it should feel comfortable and feel as if you’re walking on stilts when you walk in them.

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