If you’re looking for a weight-loss shoe, you need to consider the Reebok Easytone as part of your shopping list. This shoe is designed to work your calf, thigh and midsection muscles by giving you the feeling of walking on sand. This shoe focuses on working your calves, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings to let you burn calories, tone your muscles, and lose weight. That’s the idea behind Easytone, and we want to take a closer look at it here.

Reebok designers have created shoes that give you the feeling of walking on a dry, sandy beach. This is a good idea, but there is some solid science behind it. Think of the last time you walked on a soft sandy beach, it was hard to keep your balance and you had to move a bit to keep your balance. Reebok developed their proprietary technology to harness the benefits of instability training here with this shoe. Easytone features integrated balance discs near the top of the sole and heel to give you a natural instability as you walk. This forces you to use all the muscles in your legs and abs and forces them to use more energy and tone. Reebok put these shoes to the test in university studies and found that people who wear these shoes regularly will improve their muscle strength.

The Reebok Easytone features soft leather and mesh textile linings, a proprietary cushion insole, a midsole containing the proprietary DMX Max design, and a traction rubber outsole. They offer this shoe in several different design combinations including Reiinspire, Flip, Go Outside, and some custom designs. The Reiinspire is your classic tennis shoe and comes in four basic colorways. If you are looking for a casual shoe then take a look at Flip which is an open heel sandal. The Go Outside style comes in either black or white for people looking for a more classic look. They also offer many different custom designs and are a designer font. All of these shoes retail for about a hundred dollars.

One thing that really makes this shoe special is the amount of research and testing Reebok has invested in the Easytone. From a subjective standpoint, they have done extensive wear testing over the past few years with hundreds of people. They gave these shoes to volunteers and asked for their feedback in a lower limb muscle activation survey. The majority of these people answered that they felt that the vast majority of their leg muscles were working harder while wearing these shoes.

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