Almost anyone can get stronger, sexier abs with the Slendertone Flex Belt toning program. Although the abdominal press machine is excellent, your final results will largely depend on two important factors:

are you okay?

Seniors, new moms, busy business people, casual exercisers, and people with physical difficulties are ideal candidates for our tummy toning belt. If you want firmer, stronger abs, no matter what shape you are in, you will benefit from working out with this abdominal exercise machine. However, the abdominal belt is not a shortcut to weight loss and will not burn belly fat without the addition of an exercise program and a good diet. Don’t let a few extra pounds keep you from getting the abs you’re after. You’ll get firmer abs with an abdominal belt workout, but you should also include a good fat-burning exercise regimen like the one you get from the Ab Circle Pro. The tummy tuck belt will tone and tighten your abdominal muscles, but will never show if they are hidden by layers of belly fat.

your expectations

Getting stronger and firmer abs without having to do grueling workout sessions is what the Slendertone Flex Belt is designed for. Getting an effective abdominal workout in the shortest amount of time allows the abdominal binder to fit anyone’s lifestyle. You probably already have great abs if you are a trainer, athlete or bodybuilder and also spend a lot of time in the gym. Regardless, your well-developed core can still benefit from using the ab toning belt. With varying levels of intensity, the Flex Belt is ideal for seasoned athletes, as well as for the average person who wants to start a workout or take their workout to the next level. If you’re already in great shape, the Flex Belt can allow you to continue your workout while outside the gym or weight room. As long as you wear it, the elastic belt will continue to strengthen and sculpt your abs even as you go about your day.

An innovative abdominal press machine, the Slendertone Flex Belt is similar to a weightlifting belt and is worn around the waist. Although the toning belt has only recently been made available to consumers, its clinically proven technology has a well-established medical history. Physical therapists use electronic muscle stimulation (EMS), or electrical muscle stimulation, to treat patients who cannot move on their own. EMS technology has been available for decades, and is widely practiced.

Getting great abs doesn’t have to derail your lifestyle. The Slendertone Flex Girdle will tone and strengthen your midsection with an abdominal toning program that fits into your schedule. An exercise program that includes the Slendertone Flex Belt can benefit people of all fitness levels, and people from beginner to intermediate will benefit the most.

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