If you are interested in improving your chances of getting more dates and more men attracted to you, then you need to know how to make the kind of changes that will bring men to you by changing the way you think.

You may think that no man will ever want you or that no man will ever find you attractive. Maybe you compare yourself to women in magazines or to other women around you.

You tell yourself over and over again that you are not desirable by thinking that your physical attributes will get you what you want. Today you need to kill this giant and start running with the dream girls.

For dream girls, it’s all about personality. It’s all inside. Everything they do starts with the idea that they can and will achieve their goals.

This is how dream girls think. Women that men find irresistible are “irresistible” because these women “believe” that they are even if they are not their ideal weight.

The moment you start believing that you are the hottest woman alive, your entire body will go into gear to help your mind align with your thoughts. You may even start to lose weight because you “think” you’re irresistible.

Attracting men to you isn’t about looking like a supermodel on the cover of a magazine. It is about the attitude that men find attractive which will translate into you becoming the woman who attracts their attention.

If you don’t even believe what I just wrote, that tells you why you don’t have the success that so many other women have even though they look nothing like Barbie.

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